Faith Nuggets

Decrease Your Stress, Increase Your Optimism


If praying is Christ’s recommended stress buster, then why are Christians so stressed? Is it because we mindlessly pray the same prayers? Is it because God answers our prayers but we don’t focus on how He’s answering them and give Him praise?

Thank You, Moms, for All You’re Doing


Thirty five years ago, I had a toddler on my hip, a wall phone wedged...

between my shoulder and chin while making a peanut butter sandwich and talking to my mother about the latest incident with our infant. She laughed at this multi-tasking mama and told me...

Can I Have a Do Over


“Mimi, can I have a do over?”

One of my precious grandson’s and I were playing pool in the game room. He had a perfect shot to get the orange ball in the corner pocket. But, he missed.  It was just the two of us playing, and I....


Frost Yourself


“Frost yourself” is the marketing slogan in

the chick flick movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.”  Actor Matthew McConaughey, who plays an advertising executive, kicks off a campaign with a party; during which women are encouraged to cover, or frost, their ears, necks, fingers, and wrists with diamonds. Dripping with diamonds might look pretty, but even with diamonds draped around actress Kate Hudson’s neck, she still had problems....


No Plug In’s, Please


During the month of February and as Valentine’s Day approaches,

we’re bombarded with suggestions of gift ideas for loved ones. Whether the gift is a card, a phone call to a loved one, or flowers, the gift says something about the giver.   

The first gift I received from my husband, Keith, after we were married was


Move Away from the Fire


Driving to Kerrville from San Antonio,

I reflected on God’s goodness at the P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference at The Fellowship of San Antonio.


I Saw a Miracle 


I saw a miracle.

If you have a cell phone, then you know the noise it makes when a text message arrives. My phone buzzed, so I glanced at it expecting to see a text message. I wasn’t expecting what I saw. Rather than text, it was several images. They weren’t images of beautiful hills or sunrises. Instead, they were images of the exquisitely formed face of our grand baby who is due to be born in the next few days.


Be a Good Soldier in the Battle Against Evil


She was excited. A fun evening lay ahead. Slipping into her jeans, she glanced in the mirror and decided tomorrow she’d get serious about dropping ten pounds.

Lip gloss on, she grabbed her ticket to the concert and texted her friend she was on her way. “Be there in 5.” Little did she know, she wouldn’t be dropping ten pounds; she’d be dropped to the ground by a ruthless killer in a few short hours


Wave the White Flag in the Storm


Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 hurricane that struck the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25, caused far reaching loss of life and damage.

Weather forecasters had warned of the danger. Hurricanes had hit before, but they explained the danger of Harvey hovering. They warned


Decide to Lose in Order to Win 


We were sitting on the floor playing.

It’s one of my favorite things to do with our grandkids. Hudson, our six year old grandson, had come to spend the night while his brother was away at camp. “We can play whatever you want,” I announced to him.