If You’re Worried About Dying

I thought I had killed a bee, but I only stunned it. Before I could blink, the bee was moving. There’s a difference between stunning something and abolishing it.  When you think about death, does it worry you? Here’s the deal, and it’s great news! Second Timothy 1:10 assures us that we don’t have to worry about death. Why? The verse explains that when Christ died on the cross, He didn’t stun death, but that death continues to be a reality for us. Rather, it says,  “ …our Savior Christ Jesus, abolished death and brought life and immortality to light…” In other words, when our body ceases to live, our spirit continues to live. Those who have placed their faith in Christ and whose human spirit is indwelt by Christ’s Holy Spirit will live eternally in His glorious light. That’s something to celebrate, not fear.  

Lord Jesus Savior, we praise You for abolishing death! Thank You for eternal life in You. 

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