Someone is Mindful of You

Have you ever been startled to see someone you didn’t expect? There have been a number of times that my husband has startled me and I assure you, I jumped. Considering how we may have been startled by someone we didn’t expect, can you imagine what it was like for the disciple John to unexpectedly see the ascended Lord Jesus in heaven? John was on the island of Patmos when he was suddenly taken into Christ’s presence. What was his response? He fell at Jesus’s feet like a dead man. Revelation 1:18 records what Jesus said to John, “I was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore,…” John had seen Jesus whipped, crucified, and buried. You don’t get “deader” than that. But now, John testifies that he saw Jesus “ALIVE!” If your today looks unbearable and you dread tomorrow, don’t. A glorious day of eternal LIFE awaits you in the presence of Jesus, who is alive forever. In the meantime and while we are still on earth, Jesus is alive and His eye is on you. He knows your name and where you are just like He did with John. He also has purpose for your life, just like He did with John. Believe. 

LORD JESUS CHRIST, we praise You, who died for us, are alive forevermore, and are mindful of where we are. 

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