Where is Our Faith in God’s Commands

We talk about it. We sing about it. But, how much of it do we have? What am I talking about? Faith. We place our faith in the person of Jesus Christ and that He substituted His body on the cross in place of ours. We stand at a distance and say, “Whew! That’s great. I didn’t have to go through the scourging and crucifixion. Thank You, Jesus. I believe.” But when God says to exercise our faith in regard to cutting off our sin we say, “No way. Can’t do.” He says to exercise our faith and forgive as He forgives us and we say, “Not gonna do it.”  He says to lay aside our old self and put on the new self-made in the image of Christ Jesus, and we march through our day as if we didn’t hear Him. He says to take up our cross and follow Him by laying down our life for the Kingdom and we go on with our day as if He wasn’t talking to us. If we really had faith that God “calls into being that which doesn’t exist,” as Romans 4:17 states, then wouldn’t we obey His commands, trusting that they lead to the promised abundant life?  So the question is, where is our faith…in us or in Jesus? Here’s another question – how can we exercise our faith today by obeying something He’s calling us to do that doesn’t come naturally to us?

Lord Jesus, You CALL INTO BEING THAT WHICH DOESN’T EXIST. Open our eyes today to one of Your teachings that we’re not following, to serving You in the way You’re calling us to serve.  Call into being our obedience as we place our faith in You. 

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